I came across this story when I was walking in downtown Columbia and I noticed a group of photographers and models shooting photos. I got to chatting with one of the models and she described the social group they were all in, Como Collabs. I thought this was a unique idea, so I followed them around on one of their “meet-ups,” resulting in this story. Photo by: Brooke Knappenberger

In the height of Covid-19, I wanted to pitch more stories that made sense for the times. With restaurants and bars closed, I thought we should bring the bar to our readers’ kitchens. I pitched this story, chatted with several bartenders to get their favorite drink recipes, then fact checked those recipes. Photo by: Devon Rodino

One of my writers came to me with an idea to write a sushi guide for beginners. I thought it would be a great idea and narrowed down on this to the main terms sushi beginners need to know. After my writer gathered the best terms to use, I fact checked with a sushi chef to ensure accuracy and collaborated with our designer to create a fun spread for our print issue. Photo by: Unsplash

Every year, Columbia hosts a huge documentary film festival called True/False that completely transforms the city. Thousands of people from all over the country flock to downtown to see movies and it’s the biggest event of the year. While brainstorming for the coverage of the event, I wanted to look at the festival through the lens of fashion, since that’s my primary interest. So I took to the streets to create this fun, street-style look book. Photo by: Brooke Knappenberger

For Vox Magazine’s January 2020 issue, we wanted to look to the future and examine what Columbia might look like in the year 2050. I pitched a feature on what Missouri may look like if we were chosen as the site of Virgin’s Hyperloop One transportation system. Illustration by: Madison Wisse

When we had heard of a new shop opening downtown at Vox Magazine, I rushed over to see what the buzz was about. I found an enchanting little shop full of unique jewelry and decor, but I learned the shop owner was even more unique, resulting in this profile piece. Photo by: Brooke Knappenberger

I was chosen to cover a the commencement event for a Columbia high school robotics team’s competition season. Because the event was on a Saturday, I had a very strict deadline. This story definitely taught me the pressures of working under pressure as I had about an hour to turn my copy in once I returned from the event. Photo by: Jason Vance

This may actually be one of my favorite stories I’ve had the pleasure of writing. As a fashion-lover myself, I was really drawn to this story of a couple who created their own fashion line. I really hope I was able to convey the immense love and passion this couple has for their brand and for each other as well. Photo by: Clotilda Demauro

This is another piece I wrote for our True/False coverage for Vox Magazine. I wanted to get an expert’s opinion on what to wear for the festival, so I reached out to Maude Vintage store owner, Sabrina Garcia-Rubio. Photo by Brea Cubit

After binge-watching two seasons of The Great British Baking Show, I wanted to pitch a story that combined the interests of food-lovers and tv-watchers alike. I reached out to local chefs to find out if they had any dishes inspired by popular cooking shows. With this piece, I guided my writer through the writing and editing process, fact checked the copy and produced it for our print issue and digital channels. Photo by: Harry Katz

This story was a feature I edited for the March 2020 issue of Vox Magazine. It took roughly 2-3 months to extensively edit and fact check this feature. This piece was especially difficult to fact check due to the amount of sources and the personal subject matter, but I think it turned out to be a great reflection of the fertility issues many women go through. Illustration by: Madison Wisse

While working for the Columbia Missourian, I was on the Community beat, which was all about finding the interesting people that make up Columbia. We had learned that one couple would be celebrating their 71st wedding anniversary and I was intrigued to learn their story. Photo by: Shauna Yates

Another profile I wrote for Columbia Missourian, I found Sue while I was perusing through events for Earth Day in Columbia. While chatting with her about her henna tattoo work, I found out so many other interesting things about her, like the fact that she tends a large pollinator garden. I wanted to write this profile in the hopes that I could show the many interesting facets of Sue. Photo by: Sue Giger